How to help

Volunteers. We have plenty of opportunities if you want some fresh air and exercise or if you just want to spend some time on the farm. More info….

  • Shop keeper – Wednesday. Making labels, keeping shop tidy, welcoming people and explaining how the farm works, as well as selling them produce! (we have a volunteer shop keeper most Saturdays)
  • Weeding and digging – we don’t actually dig over every bed every year, but we do have some serious bindweed problems in places and are always happy to accommodate your urge to dig!! We also are interested in giving people a small area to keep trim – your little bit of responsibility.
  • Market garden help – sowing, planting out, weeding, watering and eventually harvesting.
  • Splitting logs – we have make our own firewood to sell and always have logs and kindling to split.

Materials. All of the following are useful to us:

  • old shoe laces (for stringing up tomatoes in the polytunnel)
  • washed egg shells – we use these to make shell grit to keep our chickens healthy.
  • egg boxes – we reuse these for selling eggs and when they are worn out we use them in our compost.
  • kitchen scraps/vegetable peelings – we can take your veg peelings to go into our compost.
  • sawdust – for use as litter in the chicken house, and in our off-grid toilet (but not from treated timber, as it kills plants!!)
  • hand gardening tools: such as small forks and trowels
  • a 4-hole hole-punch
  • surplus timber and DIY materials for our construction projects, such as making a mobile chicken house.

Opportunities. We are seeking the following:

  • Markets for our vegetable sales – we can supply 10s of units of our produce – beetroot, carrots, chard, cucumber, French beans, garlic, herbs, kale, lettuce, mixed salad leaves, mange toute, onions, radish, runner beans, spinach, tomato and squash.
  • Users for our on-site services – we can host your group on-site for a variety of purposes – school visit, team-building days. You can come to volunteer or to learn or both.

Last updated 01 October 2019