Farm shop

Our shop is open on Wednesday and Saturday, from 9am to 5.00pm.

** We now take card payments – so come and buy, cash or card *

When the shop is open you can also wander round the farm – perhaps to feed the chickens, or maybe just sit by the pond and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the farm!

CHICKEN EGGS – sold out at present. Waiting list for weekly orders.
DUCK EGGS – our team of Khaki Campbell ducks lay the most deliciously rich and satisfying eggs.

Our winter 2019 range includes:

  • winter greens pick and mix salad: rocket, mizuna, land cress, borage, mustard greens, rainbow chard, baby spinach
  • garlic
  • chillies – mildish or hot
  • Pumpkin – Red Kuri, Hubbard, Connecticut Field
  • beetroot
  • leeks
  • hazel nuts
  • split logs – mix of seasoned soft and hardwood for £7/sack.

A word about our eggs

We sell eggs from our free range, organically fed chickens and ducks.

Goose eggs with chicken eggs

Goose eggs are big!

The ducks and chickens free range around our meadows and under our trees. Our chickens and ducks are feed with organic feed. These organic layers pellets are quite expensive and it means that our eggs are 40p for chickens (£2.40 for 6) and 45p for ducks (£2.70 for 6).

Goose eggs are £1 each – available from March to May. The geese are our grass cutting team. They feed on grass (or apples if they scrump some!).

Looking back

Our Christmas 2017 line up:

Here is what we were selling in September 2017:

Summer 2017 was our second real season growing and selling our own produce. We sold a wider range than ever before – for examples see the price list.

We only sell produce from our own farm (apart locally sourced honey). So we might not have everything you want. But it is all organically grown and very fresh (please note that we are not actually certified organic). You are welcome to wander round the farm and see how we grow your food. You can also feed the chickens and look for fish in our ponds. Some people bring their lunch and just sit soaking in the sights, sounds and smells.

Deliveries? Pick your own?

We are developing our ways of getting produce to you.

We deliver by bike to a local work place once a week where people buy fresh veg from their staff kitchen. We also supply The Art House Cafe.

Some people like to come and pick their own produce – talk to us about this and we’ll show you were the best things are!

Price List

Produce Quantity £
Apple Cider Vinegar (£1 deposit) 750ml 6.00
Apples – cookers and/or eaters per kg 2.80
Beetroot: ‘Boltardy’ bunch 5 1.50
Beetroot: ‘Boltardy’ – cooked & vacuum pack 400g 2.00
Chicken eggs (free range, organically fed) box 6 2.10
Cucumber each 1.00
French Beans 250g 0.75
Garlic bulb 0.35
Globe Artichoke: ‘Green Globe’ or ‘Violetta’ head 1.00
Jam/Relish/Chutney 300g jar 3.00
Kale – ‘Red Russian’ 250g 1.00
Kale – True Siberian 250g 1.00
Lettuce: ‘Australian Yellow’ head 0.75
Lettuce: ‘Romaine Red Tongue’ head 0.75
Honey (from local bee keeper) 226g 3.50
Mangetout – ‘Golden Sweet’ 150g 0.75
Mangetout – ‘Tall Giant’ 150g 0.75
Onion – White 500g 0.80
Radish: ‘Cherry Belle’ bunch 10 0.75
Runner Beans 200g 0.60
Spinach 250g 1.00
Swiss Chard 500g 1.00
Tomatoes 500g 1.80